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Saving Lives in PA through Organ DonationSaving Lives in PA through Organ Donation

Right now in Pennsylvania more than 8,500 men, women and children are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.  Over the last 10 years, an average of 490 people died annually waiting for organs in our Commonwealth.  That number can be reduced with the passage of House Bill 30 and Senate Bill 850 – The Donate Life PA Act. This bill will ensure that more life-saving organs are donated by increasing public education, strengthening oversight of organ donation, clarifying decision-making authority over donations, and reducing unnecessary denials of organ recoveries.

The Donate Life PA Act will save lives. See our Action Center below to find out how you can support us!

Latest News

Landon’s Liver Walks marks one young man’s legacy, and another man’s new life

Last year, when Mike Shaub participated in a walk organized by his daughter Katie to raise awareness about liver disease, he was in a wheelchair. On Saturday, the walk had a new name — Landon’s Liver Walks — and a new focus on organ donation.


  • Latest Signatures

    Latest Signatures
    2,379Margie BrouseDanville, PA
    2,378Stephanie MaillieMedia, PA
    2,377Katie SloatHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
    2,376Anne MoranGlen Mills, PA
    2,375Donna CarpenterWest Chester, Pennsylvania
    2,374Christine Jackson
    2,373Margie KropiewnickiWest Chester, PA
    2,372Jeanne Corea West Chester, PA
    2,371Celeste GeraceGlenMills, Pa
    2,370Alanna Barry-McCloskeyWest Chester, PA
    2,369Millie McAveneuGlen Mills, PA
    2,368Anna Marie SnaderWest Chester, PA
    2,367Teresa ZwierzynaWest Chester, PA
    2,366Laura KerezsiWest Chester, PA
    2,365Kathleen FosterWest Chester, Pennsylvania
    2,364Carol Ann McGurkGlen Mills, PA
    2,363Jim DeorioWest Chester , Pa
    2,362Chris MclaughlinWest Chester, Pa
    2,361susan gallagherPhiladelphia, PA
    2,360Christine BennettWayne, PA
    2,359Pat NovelliPhiladelphia , Pa
    2,358Eileen BartonWest Chester, Pa
    2,357David McGuffinDowningtown , PA
    2,356Maria RolstonWest Chester, PA
    2,355Donna McLaughlinHavertown, PA