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Saving Lives in PA through Organ DonationSaving Lives in PA through Organ Donation

Right now in Pennsylvania more than 8,500 men, women and children are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.  Over the last 10 years, an average of 490 people died annually waiting for organs in our Commonwealth.  That number can be reduced with the passage of House Bill 30 and Senate Bill 850 – The Donate Life PA Act. This bill will ensure that more life-saving organs are donated by increasing public education, strengthening oversight of organ donation, clarifying decision-making authority over donations, and reducing unnecessary denials of organ recoveries.

The Donate Life PA Act will save lives. See our Action Center below to find out how you can support us!

Thank you for your work this year in support of SB 850.


Thanks to your repeated and vocal message regarding the importance of action on the Donate Life PA Act—the PA Senate strongly endorsed the bill with a vote of 47-3. However there were not enough session days left in the PA House though to bring the bill to a vote. BECAUSE OF YOUR VOICE, we did receive a commitment from House leadership to address this important issue when they return in January 2015. We will need your support in the coming months as we look forward to working with the legislators to honor their commitment. We will reach out to you early in 2015 as we prepare to move the Donate Life PA Act forward and save lives together.

Facts about Senate Bill 850:
The Donate Life PA Act

In 1994, Pennsylvania passed what was then groundbreaking legislation supporting organ and tissue donation. Under this law Pennsylvania has been a leader in donation rates worldwide. However, despite our success, each year the waiting list grows. Each year, hundreds of people die waiting for a transplant in our commonwealth. The Donate Life PA Act is the first step towards addressing this public health crisis. It incorporates aspects of the current Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (which has been passed in 46 states), recommendations of the PA Legislative Budget and Finance Committee and input from stakeholders including the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association to ensure that we remain leaders in donation and transplantation.

Why we need the Donate Life PA Act:

  • Too many people are waiting for organs in Pennsylvania. Today, there are more than 8,500 men, women and children across our Commonwealth waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. 
  • Too many people are dying while awaiting organs in Pennsylvania. Over the last 10 years, an average of 490 people died annually waiting for organs in Pennsylvania.  That is an average of nine people each and every week.
  • SB 850 will save lives. The demand for life-saving organ transplants greatly exceeds the number of organs that become available. The Donate Life PA Act will increase the number of organs available for those who need them.
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  • Latest Signatures

    Latest Signatures
    2,720Richard FallstichFountain Hill, Pennsylvania
    2,719Shannon McMullenBoca Raton, Florida
    2,718Kathryn DelaneyPottstown, PA
    2,717Tandi Angelinaphiladelphia, pa
    2,716Crystal Collinsphiladelphia, pa
    2,715Pauline KozikRoaring Brook Twp, PA
    2,714Marijean McAndrewscranton, Pennsylvania
    2,713Mary Ann IezziDunmore, Pennsylvania
    2,712Shannon BurkeClarks Summit, Pa
    2,711Laura narcavageroaring Brook Twp, pa
    2,710Barbara PetrashHanover township, Pa
    2,709Sean LoughneyDunmore, Pennsylvania
    2,708Donna LoughneyDunmore, Pa
    2,707Mary sterlingscranton, pa
    2,706Dinah KintnerMehoopany, Pennsylvania
    2,705Nadine NotoDunmore, Pennsylvania
    2,704Lindsay HowardScranton , Pennsylvania
    2,703Kayla evaninaolyphant, pa
    2,702Mia DarbenzioDunmore, PA
    2,701Ann Lowemoscow, Pa
    2,700Trudy ColemanAvoca, Pennsylvania
    2,699Joseph CoronitiOld Forge, Pa
    2,698Rose CaprioDunmore, PA
    2,697Mary Pat KesslerAbington, Pa
    2,696Elizabeth Amesdunmore, pa