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Why the Donate Life PA Act Matters

Enactment of the Donate Life PA Act is vitally important because it will increase the number of Pennsylvanians registering as organ donors and decrease the likelihood that organ donations will be denied over the wishes of the donor or their family. 

  1. The Donate Life Pa Act will save lives: Over the last 10 years, an average of 490 people died annually waiting for organs in Pennsylvania, an average of nine people each week.
  2. Today, there are more than 8,300 men, women and children across our Commonwealth waiting for organs.
  3. Each donor can provide life-saving organs to as many as eight people who need them.
  4. A recent Mayo clinic survey found that 61 percent of American adults would want their organs donated upon their death and more than 70 percent of adults in the leading states have registered as organ donors, yet only 45 percent of adult Pennsylvanians are registered donors.
  5. Pennsylvania ranks 33rd among the states in the percentage of its adults registering as donors.
  6. The Act will ensure that more life-saving organs are donated by increasing public education, strengthening oversight of organ donation, and ensuring that organ transplantation is a priority over other uses of organs.
  7. The Act protects donor and family rights by retaining the primary authority with the patient and the patient’s family and clarifying decision-making authority over donations.
  8. The Act strengthens regulatory oversight by ensuring that anatomical donations must be initially referred to a federally-designated and regulated organ procurement organization (OPO).
  9. The Act takes steps to urge cooperation among medical professionals, organ procurement organizations, coroners and medical examiners so that organ donations are not unnecessarily denied over the wishes of the donor or their family.
  10. HB 30 has been written to reflect the legitimate concerns of major stakeholder groups regarding specific provisions of this bill.
  • Latest Signatures

    Latest Signatures
    2,567Jennifer LawrencePittsburgh, PA
    2,566Samara ShwidockBrooklyn, New York
    2,565Lisa ShwidockHawthorne, NJ
    2,564Julia ReitenbachWallingford , PA
    2,563Kimberly EtzinHillsdale, NJ
    2,562Kerry FitzpatrickState College, Pennsylvania
    2,561Zoe ShwidockState College, Pennsylvania
    2,560Laurie ButlerPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    2,559Sue YoderEmmaus, PA
    2,558Stephen DoerschnerConneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
    2,557Elizabeth SamstagBridgeville, PA
    2,556Donna ThomasBristol, Pennsylvania
    2,555Deborah MillerJeffersonville, Pennsylvania
    2,554Dana BalintStroudsburg, Pennsylvania
    2,553Mary McNabbWayne, Pennsylvania
    2,552Barbara StebulisIvyland, Pa
    2,551Emily MelendezBronx, New York
    2,550Dana HeckmanTionesta, Pennsylvania
    2,549Kelli TheSanDiego , Ca
    2,548Lorrie BuoymasterAltoona , Pennsylvania
    2,547Shelly SpagnoliAltoona, Pennsylvania
    2,546Carol ManleyDrexel Hill, Pa
    2,545Eileen GruganWayne, Pa
    2,544Arnold BalatgekReading,, Pa.
    2,543Jamie ChestneyAltoona, PA